CALL ME ANGELA A while back several night clubs and bars started a program in which if you were on a date, or approached by someone who was making you uncomfortable or scared, you would go to the bartender and ask for Angela. That would let them know you needed help, a ride home or protection of some kind. I suggest that we expand this notion. If someone is hassling you, calling you names, threatening you, as a woman, Muslim, black, hispanic, LGBTQIA you can come to me (I will be wearing a large safety pin.) call me Angela, and I will know you need help. I will escort you to the ladies room, talk to you, walk you to your car, call a cab hug you, or just listen to what help you need. I will be your ally, even though I do not know you. We are all in this together, and together we are better. God bless us all.

About Dee

I have too many cats, and I am crazy, but I still maintain I am not a crazy cat lady. Maybe its the lady part? Widowed, mature, liberal, Christian, intelligent (no, the two are not mutually exclusive!) photographer, blogger, classic rock lover, ex-hippie (ok, maybe not ex) theater aficionado, down to earth, open-minded, loud-mouthed, and very opinionated old lady.
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